Let’s turn the oven on…

First rule in baking is to ALWAYS turn on the oven a couple of minutes before you actually put something in it. So to heat up the atmosphere, I decided to make a short introduction of my on my very first post. I started this blog because I believe that love and sweetness can be found in small things or activities of your everyday life; things like reading a book, taking random photographies, having an early morning coffee with a dear friend, watching a movie at 2 am when you have a 9 am class, and other things as such. I discovered that besides all the above mentioned what I also enjoy and love doing is baking.

My relationship with baking started a summer ago when I got my very first job as a cup cake decorator. I had never baked before in my life… I only used to enjoy what my mother would bake for me. At the beginning, I didn’t really  take the job that seriously, because to me it was just a summer job. But those cupcakes that I used to bake and decorate, made me realize that pleasure can be found even in them. This is how I started exploring by putting different kind of ornaments or frostings on them, finding different recipes or even inventing new ones. It was a very pleasant way to start my day, and it was even more pleasant watching people loving them. They would buy my cupcakes for weddings, for big events, or just to sweeten up their cup of coffee.

Getting back on track, the reason why I really started this blog is to find out about other people that share the same passion as me, and to find out how much love can you put in the oven, and how much love can you get out of it 🙂



One thought on “Let’s turn the oven on…

  1. I love the fact that you started the blog because you believe that” love and sweetness can be found in small things or activities of everyday life.” Nice! Also, where was your first job as a cupcake decorator? Just curious, of course 🙂

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