5 Ingredients On a Baker’s Cupboard

There are thousands and millions recipes for every baking goods out there. Every culture, country, family, or baker has his own way of baking something or his own special ingredient for different kind of recipes. But when it comes to basics, everybody should have the 5 crucial ingredients in their cupboard.

Sindi is an AUBG student that likes baking a lot, and every once in a while tries to find some time in her schedule for baking something easy. “I like it a lot because it’s so relaxing even though I am not a great baker, I enjoy baking.” Me and Sindi went shopping together in order to figure out what are the five-must-have basic ingredients in every kitchen.

The firs ingredient on every bakers list should be of course flour. Normal flour is the ingredient that almost all baking goods contain. There are only a few recipes that don’t really need flour but you can use other products like grounded crackers or biscuits instead. “For example, for cheesecake you don’t really need flour. But when you think about it, you never know when you might need it. You might not have enough cracked crackers and a good substitute for that might be multigrain flour.”

The second ingredient that we decided to put on our bucket was of course baking soda.

 “I normally prefer baking powder rather than soda. But it always depends on what you are going to bake. If it is a cake baking powder, or vanilla flavored baking powder of course is the best. But baking soda does the job too, you just have to be careful with the amount you pour.”

There are many different kind of baking sodas, but you don’t have to worry about the brand or the price. Just some simple or normal baking soda, can feet in perfectly everywhere.

And since we were at the basic goods section, of course we couldn’t forget sugar and salt. There is almost nothing you can bake without adding just a bit of sugar or just a bit of salt in it, not even bread.

“The funny thing about sugar and salt is that they complement each-other. Most of the times it doesn’t really matter if you are cooking something salty or sweet, if you add just one little pinch of sugar into something salty, whatever you cook it will taste better. It’s like it emphasizes its taste.”

Sindi was right, I remember my grandmother used the same trick too, or the guy that taught me how to bake cup cakes would always insist on putting some salt in them, so that the taste could come out better.

Moving on to the fresh products section, me and Sindi both agreed on the two last ingredients that make the difference: eggs and butter. Can you imagine how bad the daily brad would taste like if it had just flour and water in it? The same goes for cookies, can you imagine how not-tasty would they be if they didn’t have eggs and butter in them. “Eggs are so much fun! You can use them to modify your cooking. For example if you want something to be a bit more voluminous, you can just separate the yolk from the egg white and bit them separately.”

And the best for last, butter. When baking, you always have to use some butter or oil in order to make whatever you are preparing tasty, smooth, and not dry. Olive oil is very good. Coconut oil is great too. Butter gets the job done! “But like with every other ingredient you have to be careful how much you use too.” More is not always better. So keep in mind that butter needs to be used in the right amount too. Do not make you baking too greasy; just give it a slightly better taste.

Sindi is a very good friend of mine but I didn’t really know this part of her. I didn’t really know that she used to bake as well. Just like that, while shopping in Kaufland and talking about baking we realized that we had just spend almost one hour inside. We decided to bake a cheesecake since we both had some free time. Remember, baking is flexible, the ingredients are not the only important component. As I would say, as long as you put some love in it, you will get a lot more back.


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