The pleasure of baking yourself

Remember when I said that cup cakes were the first thing I had ever baked, well on second thoughts that was not exactly true…

On my way to main building yesterday, I noticed a bakery that had on display this delicious apple pie. That smell and that look brought me back some childhood memories. I remember that almost every Sunday me, my mom and my sister, would pay a visit to our grandmother, and she would always bake some cake for us. My favorite one was the apple and cinnamon cake.  It used to remind me of cold winter days under the Christmas tree and it used to have a very rich taste of at least five different flavors. My mom used to bake it too, maybe not that often, but the whole house would smell like the cake afterwards. I don’t really know if it was a cake or a pie, or just some kind of bread with apples and some unfamiliar syrup on top of it, but I remember that I was in love with it.

While I was recalling all these tastes, feelings and memories from my childhood, I decided that my next post on this blog would be about the secret recipe of love and pleasure that that apple pie would transmit. I couldn’t find it out in any better way rather than just baking it myself.  And then was when I recalled that I had actually backed that apple pie a couple of years before back home.

Baking something in Skaptopara’s kitchen was a bit wired for me. I had only baked at home or at my work place before, and this was actually the very first time I would bake in Skapto. I was surprised that after three years I would still be able to bake again. I guess if you are really into it, it doesn’t matter how long has it been since the last time you have done it. I started with my favorite ingredient: butter… butter is an unsubstitutable ingredient for this desert. I realized later that instead of normal flour I had bought multigrain flour, which turned out to be a pretty good mistake.

I couldn’t wait for the 45 minutes baking period to end! That is the funny thing about baking; it is like a soccer match, once it starts you cannot stop thinking about it until it ends. I decided that I would share the cake with everybody I would meet on my way back to my room, so that I could figure out if people like it or not.

And that is exactly what I did. My apple cake was ready and looked pretty decent… oh yeah, and it smelled like heaven! I meet a lot of people on my way back, friends and strangers. And I shared the cake with them too. The last piece of it, was ate after one hour it got backed. After one hour it was all gone!

I baked the dessert twice that week. The second time I baked it for my weekly RA team meeting

I realized that there is no other feeling better than surprising people, there is no other feeling better than knowing that what you have done actually effects somebody or sweetens somebody’s day! On a Sunday that everybody is worried about deadlines, quizzes, the beginning of a long and tough week, there is nothing better than a piece of home-made apple pie offered by a stranger or by a good friend. That just made my Sunday better, happier!

So yes, there is nothing wrong with sharing sweetness with people, random people, it makes you sweeter. There is nothing wrong with not knowing how to bake, eventually you will find somebody that just appreciates the effort. And don’t forget you can experiment and put whatever you like in the oven, as long as you put some love in it, you will get a lot more back.


Baking Love.


One thought on “The pleasure of baking yourself

  1. “That is the funny thing about baking; it is like a soccer match, once it starts you cannot stop thinking about it until it ends. ” I guess I never thought about baking this way before! PS: Can you bring some of that cake with you to class one day?Hmmm?

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