Special Edition: Healthy Midterms

Is that time of the year when AUBG and AUBG-ers get a little bit crazy. Midterms are ahead and that means after-mid-night-studying, and a lot of crappie food along with that. Sometimes we are so busy and stressed out by papers, exams, and project that we really forget to take care of ourselves the way we should! Today’s post on Baking Love is about how to please our appetite and cravings, and remaining healthy at the same time.

From personal experience, before midterms week I tend to drink a lot of coffee. And October is also the period of time when I tend to catch the flue and  as a result, drink a lot of tea. Still there is nothing better than having your coffee or tea with some cookies, not to mention when you have the privilege of having home-made cookies…

As we’re speaking, I am waiting for some homemade cookies to be baked. Me, and my Dutch roommate Sanne Boullart, decided to have a baking Sunday. And we decided to bake some cookies that would perfectly go with our morning coffee or with our after-midnight one. Sanne was willing to teach me a very easy but at the same time healthy recipe.

Whenever you need to energize yourself, you have to eat nuts or fruits that contain a high percentage of vitamins.

“It is very important that you actually please your cravings, it just makes you feel better. But at the same time you have to be careful and see if what you’re eating is good for you or not.”

“This recipe is actually very healthy despite the fact that you are eating cookies. It has almonds and lemon which are both very, very good for you.” The recipe that she showed me only contained 5-6 ingredients, and trust me the cookies were pretty amazing. The “wine cookies” contain almonds that give you energy, and lemon that is high on vitamin C. They do not have sugar inside at all, they only have some sugar powder on top. You can regulate the amount of sugar accordingly to your preferences.


Sometimes it doesn’t really matter if you have something more important to do that what you actually like doing. Even before midterms you can manage to find sometime for yourself or for the things that you like doing. Time is important but it’s not everything. Take you time, and take some time for yourself.

Well good luck everybody on this busy busy days, don’t forget to please your cravings and to stay helthy.




11 thoughts on “Special Edition: Healthy Midterms

  1. A Dutch roommate again? Nice! 😀
    Btw tomorrow LOTD has it’s 1 year birthday. I was actually thinking of posting a recipe for a boozy birthday cake. But I had not even thought about our fanatic baking friend. You have any suggestions? I’ll make sure you get the credits haha
    Good luck on the mid-terms!

  2. Home made Tiramisu might be an option with loads of rum mixed with coffee 🙂 I can help you with sending the recipe…..Just ask!

    • Besides the above mentioned almonds, lemon, wine, and sugar powder, there is also oil and flour to prepare the dough 🙂

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