Bake and Drink Wine

Being a wine lover and at the same time living in Bulgaria comforts me very well. One of the very first things that I noticed when I fist came to Bulgaria was the super cheep wine.

I was reading the news the other day, and I found an article online that broke my hart. The price of wine in Bulgaria is increasing by 20% for this year. There are two reasons behind this fact. First the low production of grape during 2012, and second the foreign companies that purchase Bulgarian grape.

The dominant buyers on the Bulgarian market right now are Italian companies. Due to the luck of production in Italy, these companies started purchasing Bulgarian grape and harvest in order to fulfill their requirements. And another very important factor that is responsible for the price increase of many other products is the high electricity price.

Now, wine is very important to me not only because I love it, but also because I use it while baking. It gives everything a different taste, lighter but at the same time intense. From my last nights post and baking section, I had some very nice feedback for the cookies that Sanne and me were baking. “They had a great taste even without having a lot of sugar or no butter at all inside, and mainly that is because of they had wine.” said my RA colleague Spartak Kastrati.

Just a few tips about wine and baking…

Well if you are baking a dessert the best way to go is to use white wine. White wine tends to have a lighter taste and obviously no color so it wont give any kind of weird look to whatever dessert you are baking. If you are preparing a fish casserole, or baking meat, red wine is more suitable. It gives the meat a darker color and it enriches its taste.

In order to find some people that would strongly agree with me on this, I went to Skaptos 2 kitchen to interview some people. I found Marko Antic there, a Serbian friend that was baking some made bread. “I don’t really like the fact that the price of wine has increased, nevertheless I still enjoy it” said Marko, and I absolutely agree with him on that.

I also had to go to Prego Restaurant to get an opinion from somebody that had actually noticed the change in wine sales.

“Usually we would sell a lot of wine during the evening, or when people would come for dinner. Now they order more beer than wine, because it’s cheaper” said Tanya one of the servers at Prego.

It seems like the price increase has bothered not only wine lovers but also restaurant owners. Nevertheless I have to admit that wine in Bulgaria is still farely cheap. And there are still a lot of people who do not mind paying a couple of extra stotinkis to satisfy their drinking habits.

So yeah baking lovers, drink wine and cook with wine and don’t quit unless the price increases more than 50%.




3 thoughts on “Bake and Drink Wine

  1. Did I see that Marko was pouring wine into the bread he was baking?? Or just drinking wine after? Anyway, good newsy report about the increase in wine prices. One of my favorite things about Bulgaria is the wine that is good and not too expensive. Hope it doesn’t go up too much higher …

    • Yeah Melody, Marko was actually poring white wine into the bread; half a cup to be more precise. It enriches the taste and it makes it not too salty nor too sweet…

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