In Love With Baking

Hey again,

This post is going to be a resume of all the sensational events and experiences that BakingLove has brought to me so far. I did not really think that this blog was going to be so addictive for me. Somehow I find myself checking the stats every time I check my own Facebook profile, and tweet whenever I can find a couple of free minutes.

It started 2 moths ago as a class project, I didn’t really thing that it would be followed or even seen by people who live in Ireland, Italy, Holland, USA, or in south Africa. I thought that it would just be a blog that my classmates or other AUBG-ers would visit once in a while. And right now, at this point of my journey I am already supper enthusiastic and exited that people out there are actually following me and reading my posts. So here goes a big THANK YOU to everybody.

I was pretty unsure on what exactly I wanted to find out with BakingLove, but it turns out that I have actually found a lot of interesting stuff.

On the fist week of this blog I discovered that there is people around me that dedicate their life to baking. People that find a way to do in their life what they really love, not just something that will pay their bills. This is how I met Ani from Ani’s Donuts. “It sweetness my life” she told me what I asked her about how her donut business affects her life. And that is how I started looking for people who love baking.

On my journey I also found people that are more traditional, like the 3am Banitsa lady. She is very familiar to AUBG-ers for her delicious banitsa. She explained to me, how much she cares about this Bulgarian tradition called banitsa in simple words,

If you like doing something, you don’t mind doing it even at 3 am

Moving on, on my journey I got a lot of tips and advices from other people. Sindi, an AUBG student, shared with me the five ingredients that everyone should have on their cupboard. She even gave me some tips about how different ingredients complete each-other.

“Most of the times it doesn’t really matter if you are cooking something salty or sweet, if you add just one little pinch of sugar into something salty, whatever you cook it will taste better.”

Not to forget my little baking-an-apple-pie-project. I found out how people react to strange gestures, like meeting a stranger that gives them apple pie.

But most important of all, I found out how you can always find time for doing the things you really love, even if you are extremely busy. Sanne, my Dutch roommate, showed me that she could actually find time to bake biscuits even on mid-terms week.

Through this journey, besides all the above mentioned, I learned how to keep a blog alive! I learned how to tweet, shoot videos, and keep my followers posted on everything that I do.

So yeah it is actually a lot of stuff that I got back from the oven. And trust me there is still a lot more to come…




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