Baking; Depression’s Enemy

I had this weird thought last night about cookies. If 200 years ago I wanted to eat some cookies in the middle of the night where would I get them? I couldn’t really buy them obviously… I guess there were not a lot of candy stores or supermarkets open during the night back then, or even existing at all. I would probably had to make them myself.

You know how they say time change and generations do as well, apparently baking changes too…or let me rephrase that, willingness to bake changes too.

Obviously it is much easier nowadays to satisfy our needs and cravings than in the past. But how does this affect us? Do we still bake our cookies, cupcakes and bread ourselves, or we just go at the store and buy everything. And most important of all

A new research conducted in England by John Whaite, a GBBO 2012 winner, states that baking helps lifting people out of depression. A news story at the independed describes the initiative “Baking a Smile” conducted by Mr. White.

“Mr Whaite, ambassador for the campaign group Baking a Smile, said he is inundated with people contacting him to discuss ‘how baking helps with their various mental health issues’ ”. (

Sometimes I wonder if the evolution of time, society, and technology is as good as I think it is. Maybe if we didn’t have all the bakeries that we have today, people would bake more, and who knows maybe there wouldn’t even be many depressed people. Or for instance, maybe if I found a bit more time to bake I wouldn’t be too stressed about my classes and exams.

I believe that any activity that gives one a sense of achievement, or any creative or non-creative work that gives you a bit of pleasure helps depression, or at least makes a bit happier. Apparently baking is one of them.

I would like to think that this blog post today is not only about baking, it’s about finding that little thing that you like, that keeps you away from your daily routine, that gives you a sense of achievement and pride. So if you already have found it, practice it, as much as you can. Don’t let more important stuff get in the way, because there is nothing more important that what you love doing…


Baking love


3 thoughts on “Baking; Depression’s Enemy

  1. Awesome post!
    Nothing can replace a home kitchen baking atmosphere I am currently recurring the following scene in my mind:
    My mom is baking, I am helping her, we are talking about some worry-free stuff and feeling happy.

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