Cooks at AUBG

­During the summer most of the AUBG students usually go to USA on a work and travel program. They sometimes end up working in very interesting places and having quite impressive job. Look at me for example; I ended up being a cup cake decorator.

Todays post is not only about baking and cooking, but it’s about the strange places and things you find yourself doing sometimes.

I have been on a work and travel program the last two summers, and I have been traveling and switching jobs quite a lot. I have been working for a candy shop, car rental, Mexican restaurant, beauty salon, and for two amazing tall ships… out of all these I learned just one thing, experience is enough.

This week baking love went to trace down other students that share similar experiences or totally different ones form mine. I was a bit more focused on students who had actually been working on a kitchen environment, and I wanted to find out how it has affected them or their habits afterwards.

It turns out that more people that I actually thought had been working in bakeries and restaurants.


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