Last but not Least

My journey in Baking Love has showed me a lot of interesting things. It made me run across people who are passionate about what they do for a living, or people who have passions, and no mater how busy they might be still manage to find time for practicing them.

I currently live in an environment with people from all over the world, and it’s easy for me to know and get familiar with people from different backgrounds and different cultures. I come from Albania, I live in Bulgaria, and I spend my summers in the United States. My way of living has impacted not only my way of thinking but also me and my life itself.  This is my last blog post so I am going to show you how did this blog changed me and what it taught me.

First of all, I learned that people are always ready to talk, you just need to ask them. I always had a difficulty approaching unknown people and asking them about something, or just interviewing them for a class assignment. Well I found out that they actually like it. Yeah, it makes them feel important. But remember to always be polite and considerate. You don’t want to interrupt anything or get them mad, you’ll the wrong answer.

Second, I found out that sometimes we all are too busy to do what we really want. But the ones that really want something always find out a way to do it. I interviewed Sanne a couple of weeks ago, who showed me how to bake healthy cookies a day before my midterms. A little advice, doing what you really like never takes too much time…

Third, I found out that a lot of AUBG-ers that go to USA in the summer manage to find a job in the kitchen. They all admitted to me that is one of the most helpful experiences because it teaches you how to prepare your own meal and how to stay healthy and take care of yourself.

Then while researching for another paper, I ran through this very interesting study about baking being a good activity to avoid depression. It is amazing how simple activities like this can affect our mental and physical health.

Despite all of the above mentioned I found a lot of other interesting facts and met a lot of interesting people like Krasimira who bakes and sells banitsa every night after 3 am, or Ani who started a new business in Blagoevgrad just because it sweetens her life. Bun not only have I met people and learned a bunch of stuff from them, but I have also learned a lot of stuff about being a blogger.

For starters I have learned how to make people follow you on twitter and follow your blog. I have learned the little tricks about grabbing reader’s attention with just a few words. I have further explored video editing programs like premier pro. So basically, I have experienced being a back-pack journalist and I have really liked it.

But dear reader thank you so much for being there with me while all of this was happening. This blog started as a class assignment for Multimedia Journalism, but I can insure you today that it is now much more than that. It is now a part of me, and of my little book of interesting journeys.


Baking Love

This video was inspired by all the people that i met this semester, and all the people that helped me out.
Thank you guys!! You are all amazing :*


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