Last but not Least

My journey in Baking Love has showed me a lot of interesting things. It made me run across people who are passionate about what they do for a living, or people who have passions, and no mater how busy they might be still manage to find time for practicing them. I currently live in an […]

Christmas is Here!

Yesterday, I was walking around Skapto and I noticed that there was something missing… I have been living in this place for the past two years and I consider it as my home now. Around this time of the year everybody gets ready for the biggest holiday, Christmas.

Cooks at AUBG

­During the summer most of the AUBG students usually go to USA on a work and travel program. They sometimes end up working in very interesting places and having quite impressive job. Look at me for example; I ended up being a cup cake decorator. Todays post is not only about baking and cooking, but […]

Baking for VeteransDay

Storify by Ani Mon, Nov 11 2013 04:30:52 Hey everybody 🙂 This is my first Storify Story. Check out the tweets about #VeteransDay, a lot of nice stuff out there.  Gigi’s Cupcakes USA@GigisUSA Starting November 4, through Veterans Day, we’re baking our Veterans Day Camo Cupcake each day. It’s a… Sun, Nov 03 2013 […]

Baking; Depression’s Enemy

I had this weird thought last night about cookies. If 200 years ago I wanted to eat some cookies in the middle of the night where would I get them? I couldn’t really buy them obviously… I guess there were not a lot of candy stores or supermarkets open during the night back then, or […]

In Love With Baking

Hey again, This post is going to be a resume of all the sensational events and experiences that BakingLove has brought to me so far. I did not really think that this blog was going to be so addictive for me. Somehow I find myself checking the stats every time I check my own Facebook […]

Bake and Drink Wine

Being a wine lover and at the same time living in Bulgaria comforts me very well. One of the very first things that I noticed when I fist came to Bulgaria was the super cheep wine. I was reading the news the other day, and I found an article online that broke my hart. The […]

Special Edition: Healthy Midterms

Is that time of the year when AUBG and AUBG-ers get a little bit crazy. Midterms are ahead and that means after-mid-night-studying, and a lot of crappie food along with that. Sometimes we are so busy and stressed out by papers, exams, and project that we really forget to take care of ourselves the way […]

5 Ingredients On a Baker’s Cupboard

There are thousands and millions recipes for every baking goods out there. Every culture, country, family, or baker has his own way of baking something or his own special ingredient for different kind of recipes. But when it comes to basics, everybody should have the 5 crucial ingredients in their cupboard. Sindi is an AUBG […]

The pleasure of baking yourself

Remember when I said that cup cakes were the first thing I had ever baked, well on second thoughts that was not exactly true… On my way to main building yesterday, I noticed a bakery that had on display this delicious apple pie. That smell and that look brought me back some childhood memories. I […]

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